About ClaraEm

Welcome to my page! I’m ClaraEm.

I’m Illustrator/Cartoonist/Designer. Primarily I make illustrations and Comics! I occasionally design stuff for people!

I’m from the Dominican Republic and have lived in New York for a looooooong time. Now I bounce around to where I’m needed. Mostly Between Oregon and Japan.

I’ve been drawing (and using image editing software) since I was a tiny baby. I’m pretty good at it ^_^

I tend to make all kinds of art and stories but if I had to pick something that I consider to be my “brand” it’s…


(kind of)

I’m inspired by my own reality as a Dominican lesbian living in the US and Japan but I also loooooooooooooove anime, manga, and videogames. I’m constantly melding my reality with my love for anime/manga/video games to varying degrees to create what I consider to be my signature storytelling style. The stories and characters manifest in all kinds of different, styles, personalities, species, etc. with genre’s that are just as diverse (autobio, fantasy, slice of life, horror, comedy, etc) BUT the common thread that binds them is that they are all stories about women (usually gay and/or transgender) facing unexpected challenges, whirlwind romances, or simply living their lives.

I feel strongly that there are almost no Dominians in media and that lesbians in media are almost always doing the same few things over and over again. I’ve been inspired by Yuri (the genre; which I LOVE) to try my best to create fresh, original content centered around queer women of color, dominican or otherwise.