Brilliant Horrid Nightmare (summary)

Excuse my fingers on this one. I really wanted to show the print version of this comic specifically.
Also the digital version will be available on my gumroad page soon šŸ™‚

I’ve made a lot of autobio comics but this one in particular is the first one I’ve made in a long while.

The idea was to take a bunch of experiences I had recently (recent when I was making this comic) and curate them into 3 different days distorted into 3 different mindsets: 1 brilliant, 1 horrid, and 1 nightmare-ish.

When I finished this comic I flip flopped a lot when it came to wether I liked it or not. Part of me felt like it was too on the nose and maybe a bit heavy handed, though another part of me feels even if it is those things it works very well at conveying the mood of the character.

I still worry about the former but I’m more inclined to agree with the latter.

My favorite thing about this comic is how everything comes backĀ the character’s room. The rooms specifically are the point where the distortion between the 3 days becomes the most obvious. Of course, through reading you can tell how things are going (good day or bad day or etc) but it felt like the room very much sets the stage for what the reader will be experiencing. In hindsight, the inclusion of the rooms and making sure that the room is a focal piece of everything was a good choice on my part.

*Pat’s her own back*

The pages that signify the end of the day (like the latter page of on this image for example) also did a good job at both punctuating the current day and creating great thematic contrast between it and the and the page that follows the page-turn. I also feel like they broke the mold in a really great way.

I had a hard time coming up with what the back cover should be. It was the last thing I did for this comic. Even after everything else had been drawn to completion, laid out, and being made ready for print…. even after all of that I was still racking my brain trying to come up with the back cover.

Ultimately I went with this image. It’s simple but it speaksĀ to me on a profound level.

Given how they are rendered I don’t think anyone can really tell but the stringy things coming out of my body in this image are veins. They are veins escaping my body. The ones around my hair are supposed to be coming out of various parts of my back. some are even poking out through my clothing. It’s hard to explain exactly why this speaks to me but I it makes me think of a human body unraveling and having its vital functions, like the veins that actĀ as wires that provide electricity, disconnecting themselves and returning to nothing.

Dark, I know.

All this being said though I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has been able to figure out that those things popping out of me in that image are in fact veins BUT I’m ok with that. In fact, most people ask me what they are. I always leave it to their interpretation Though. They aren’t privy to my interpretation, sure, but it’s still nice to leave the image mysterious and open to interpretation.

Though I guess I killed that with this post. Heh… Sorry.