Cristy Might Not Be Real!

I have to admit that sometimes, when it come to Cartoon characters I can be a bit of a sadist. I DO promote this comic as a horror story but secretly….. Its funny to me.

It’s not that I find the subject matter funny or that I would laugh at someone going through similar things (oh god no!) but when it comes to these two cuties…… hell yeah its hilarious. Its especially so because of how ridiculous their circumstances are. But that’s not a detriment to the book: I planned it exactly like that. I want people to see it and think “oh wow that’s really dark *uncomfortable*” but also “wait, what? what’s even going on here? *can’t even*” so if you’ve read this and it resonated with you, or you weren’t sure what to make of it: GOOD!

This book is the origin story of a character of mine that not that no one knows about. Her name is Suicide and she’s pure evil, but everyone loooooooves her. In this book she goes by Cristy (her “human” name). Her partner, Vida, is the polar opposite, an adorably shy girl that seems be despised by everyone for literally no reason even though she’s actually pretty great. Also she has super powers that can improve everyone’s lives. But people still find her insufferable. :C

If this sounds like the premise of a weird comedy thing… WELL YOU’RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were originally part of an ensemble cast from a comic I used to make when I was very young called “Lights Camera Action.” I used to describe it as SNL in comic book form. Vida and Suicide were two of the performers. I would show you pictures but I suffered some pretty massive data loss recently so I have no art from the last LCA book I made :C Anyway these two used to have a small rivalry but beyond that they didn’t interact very much.  For this book I made them gay because



This book is supposed to like a sort of behind the scenes to Lights Camera Action. If I still had access to art from Lights Camera Action I could show you how light hearted that series was and how comically bleak I wanted to make this behind the scenes look at two of the actors. And that’s part of the comedy to me. What if the whole cast of MadTv were actually all possessed by demons who love sketch comedy? What if SNL Alums were all cannibals that ate their own families? The subject matter sounds horrible, but of course it’s ridiculous. This was supposed to be one of many “behind the scenes” books but since no one knows what Lights Camera Action is I have very little incentive to do so. That being said though I do plan on making the continuation of this book, I just don’t know when.

I purposely wanted to write a tragedy that was literally so tragic that it’s funny.

Of course some of the things about this book, do resonate with people with good reason. A Lot of people have abusive relationships with their parents, a lot worry that there might be something going on with their partner (like they might be abusive or hiding something for example), a lot of people struggle with suicide, and if you believe in it (I do) you could be living in a place that is haunted or plagued with legitimately weird supernatural shit happening around you. It’s isn’t my intention to mock or make light of these things, and I appreciate people because do want to have a serious conversation about it. Usually it’s them saying “Wow I really relate to Cristy a lot.”

I welcome that too.

I consider this book successful because, it’s surprisingly pretty versatile. People love the book even if it’s really short, and readers tend to have completely and wildly different reactions from each other to the book. That genuinely makes me happy.

This piece, and one other in the book, have been reader favorites. a few have even asked me to make posters of these two pages. They really seemed to dig the design and look of these little spiritual entities that appear around the characters. I wanted to make supernatural forces that were intangible but also numerous. I ended up going this this because they reminded me of water flying harmlessly, so I made them looks like horrid water droplets. causing all manner of misery. Also, they kind of look like slime.